The easiest way to format JavaScript code from the command line is by using a code formatter. Many popular text editors, such as Sublime Text and Atom, have built-in support for formatting JavaScript code. Additionally, there are third-party libraries like Jsbeautifier that can be used to quickly format JavaScript code when working with an editor that does not have in-built support.

One of the main advantages of using a code formatter to format JavaScript is that it will ensure your code follows consistent coding conventions. This can make it easier for other developers to read and understand your code, as well as reducing potential errors due to inconsistent formatting.

Jsbeautifier is a module that may be used to format JavaScript code from the command line. Then, use js-beautify file name.js to invoke it on a file. To use this library, install it first by running the following command in the command-line window.

					$ pip install jsbeautifier
It is assumed that pip is already set up. Then call it to utilize it on a JavaScript file (assuming the file is in the same folder as your command line window)
					$ js-beautify file_name.js

Now you can inspect your JavaScript file to see that its formatting has changed to follow the best practices.

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